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#ifndef GETLINE_H
#define GETLINE_H

/* unix systems can #define POSIX to use termios, otherwise 
 * the bsd or sysv interface will be used 

#define GL_BUF_SIZE 2048

/* Result codes available for gl_get_result() */
#define GL_OK 0                     /* Valid line of input entered */
#define GL_EOF (-1)                 /* End of input */
#define GL_INTERRUPT (-2)           /* User hit Ctrl+C */
#define GL_SUSPEND (-3)             /* User hit Ctrl+Z */

typedef int (*gl_in_hook_proc)(char *);
typedef int (*gl_out_hook_proc)(char *);
typedef int (*gl_tab_hook_proc)(char *, int, int *, size_t);
typedef size_t (*gl_strlen_proc)(const char *);
typedef char * (*gl_tab_completion_proc)(const char *, int);

char *getline(char *);              /* read a line of input */
void gl_dispose(void);
void gl_setwidth(int);              /* specify width of screen */
void gl_setheight(int);             /* specify height of screen */
void gl_histadd(const char *const); /* adds entries to hist */
void gl_tab_completion(gl_tab_completion_proc);
char *gl_local_filename_completion_proc(const char *, int);
void gl_set_home_dir(const char *homedir);
void gl_histsavefile(const char *const path);
void gl_histloadfile(const char *const path);
char *gl_getpass(const char *const prompt, char *const pass, int dsize);
int gl_get_result(void);

#ifndef _getline_c_

extern gl_in_hook_proc gl_in_hook;
extern gl_out_hook_proc gl_out_hook;
extern gl_tab_hook_proc gl_tab_hook;
extern gl_strlen_proc gl_strlen;
extern gl_tab_completion_proc gl_completion_proc;
extern int gl_filename_quoting_desired;
extern const char *gl_filename_quote_characters;
extern int gl_ellipses_during_completion;
extern int gl_completion_exact_match_extra_char;
extern char gl_buf[GL_BUF_SIZE];

#endif /* ! _getline_c_ */

#endif /* GETLINE_H */

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